A real-time regulation of driving, as a service

Safe Driving Technology

Speed Regulation

Automatic regulation of a vehicle's maximum speed in Real-time.

Behavior Regulation

Automatic regulation of Driver behavior in Real-time

Route Deviation

The inability of a driver to deviate from the designated route

Predefined Area

The inability of a driver to leave a predetermined operational area

Fleet management on steroids

A device that can retrofit any vehicle

It allows to automatically regulate (not monitor) a vehicle's maximum speed according to the speed limits set for the particular section of the road.

Overall it gives full control over a vehicle's acceleration, therefore fleet owners can achieve maximum obedience of a driver.

It is easy and comfortable for any fleet owner to achieve the result they desire without the need of acquiring new knowledge or skills.

The device is a Plug-and-go principle, which is installed on an electronic acceleration pedal and is compatible with every vehicle, including hybrid and electric cars.

Install our solution in your fleet and forget problems related to driver's behavior, like overspeeding, risky maneuvers, disobedience, arbitrariness, etc...

Enabling safe driving

We strive to empower commercial fleets by leveraging proactive technology to prevent overspeeding and careless driving.


Simple functionality: automatically regulate speed, driving, and boundaries, and activate immobilizer.


With this one simple device, owners will improve the fleet safety. No more show-of or daredevil drivers!


Our device is compatible with most cars manufactured since 2007


We made an installation process as easy as possible and achieved a plug-and-go result. Therefore, retrofitting a big fleet is not a problem.

Our Process

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The VOOVOO team was established in early 2018 with a goal to deal with road safety’s two main problems, overspeeding and aggressive driving, and using our Technology we are completely eliminating it.

As a startup, besides our professional experiences and local business accelerators (UG Startup Factory, GITA) we received training and mentoring from the world’s leading accelerators, such as:

– GIST  – Techtown Detroit – Startup Wise Guys  – Buildit – X-Europe – EIT-Urban mobility – ITU Seed –


Giorgi Esvanjia


Co-founder. Planning the marketing strategy, and conducting meetings, and negotiations with clients and partners.

+371 28 858 420
+995 577 900 061

Vakhtang Iashvili


Founder. Strategic decision-making, process planning, and team management.

+371 28 975 628
+995 599 320 433

Revaz Kakabadze


Responsible for technical solutions and hardware development.

+371 28 858 443
+995 599 687 371

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